The following are a series of questions designed to flesh out a new character and provide the Gamemaster with a bounty of plot devices and other adventure hooks. Answer all questions as pertaining to your character as if this were a resume. Answer all questions in terms prior to the character participating in the campaign. All answers should be kept unknown to the others until discussed in-game.

- The Basics -
01 - What is your full name?
02 - List any and all aliases used. (How long in use? Why?)
03 - How old are you?
04 - Where were you born?
05 - Describe your parents, including current status.
06 - What was/is your families social status (Poor? Well-to-do? Wealthy?)
07 - Do you have any relatives and how close are you?
08 - Where are these relatives now?

- Background -
09 - What is your level of education?
10 - Where did you study?
11 - Do you hold any degrees?
12 - What jobs, positions, or titles have you held? (When? Where?)
13 - Did you ever serve in the military?
14 - Do you have a criminal record? (Why? Are you still wanted?)
15 - Where do you live now?
16 - Where did you spend most of your life?
17 - Name two notable places you've visited
18 - Are you or have you ever been married or romantically involved? (With who? Where are they now? What is the status of your relationship?)
19 - Describe a significant event from childhood and/or adolescence.
20 - Describe a significant event from adulthood.
21 - Did you know or know of other characters (either PCs or NPC) prior to beginning this campaign?
22 - How do you describe your lifestyle?
23 - Do you have any enemies (who?/why?)
24 - What conflicts might arise due to your past?
25 - Do you have any friends or contacts? (where are they now?)
26 - Do you have any dependents?
27 - Do you have any pets?
28 - What are your hobbies?
29 - What awards and honors have your received?
30 - List a couple of your favorite music/bands.
31 - List a couple of your favorite foods/drink.
32 - List a couple of your favorite equipment/vehicles/toys

- Personality -
33 - List three physical traits.
34 - List three positive (or 'good') mental traits.
35 - List three negative (or 'evil') mental traits.
36 - List three social traits.
37 - Any quirks and habits, both good and bad?

- Outlook on life -
38 - What are your short term goals?
39 - What are your long term goals?
40 - What are your companion's goals (both long and short term)
41 - What are your hopes and fears?
42 - What is it that drives you?
43 - Do you have a religion or believe in a mystical energy? (what are the disciplines of your faith?)
44 - What would you like to be doing in 5 years?
45 - Were do you see yourself in 10 years?
46 - How do you see yourself?
47 - How do other see you?
48 - In a short paragraph tell of your most vivid memory:

- Force Attuned -
50 - When did you first notice you were different or strong in the Force)?
51 - Who was your teacher or how did you learn the ways of the Force?
52 - How did you meet your teacher?
53 - What form do your abilities take? (Jedi, Mage, Guiled, Baadu, etc.)
54 - What do you hope to accomplish with your abilities?
55 - Describe in a short paragraph your belief in the Force.

Special thanks to Kevin Perrine for the original 20+ questions document.